9:06 24/02/00

'Often,' Dan mused unhappily 'things are not what they seem, looking around I see people acting, what do they see. Are they even watching? How do they not think of these things, are they simple, or just born without wonder.' He hung his head and continued his walk through the park. A simple Saturday afternoon activity, with a world of possibility so many choose a brisk walk through the park.

This annoyed Dan, his musings were often cut short by laughing couplings, or groups of children running under his feet. The birds chirped their odd tinny chirps and flew above the dozens of pedestrians. Dan wasn't happy, he felt alone in the world, as though he were the only one aiming to educate himself. Finally he sat on his destination, a park bench next to a quiet old woman. Just as last week, and the week before. 'I feel far too ordered, it has become dull and monotonous.' Turning to his side he noticed a new piece of graffiti on the bin.

A set of smiling teeth done quickly with spray paint and cat sprayed directly above it, below the numbers 213. Dan smirked, 'rubbish, absolute rubbish, they could have at least tried.' He didn't concern himself too much with it though, it would be removed shortly.

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